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The Effects of Gravity

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Why do I tweet so much? Simply because this bright spark @janole ( founder Jan Ole Suhr) created a brilliant little program for Nokia Symbian devices, named it Gravity and made it such a breeze to use on mobile phones. I was so impressed with it, I actually forked out money to buy the app (about US$8 from the Ovi Store)!

Not just Twitter, but Facebook, Foursquare & Google News Reader!

For Twitter newbies, the act of tweeting is somewhat therapeutic. Using a succint block of 140 characters each time, I can vent some steam, air my thoughts and at the same time interact with other tweeters and make new “friends”. What’s more I can read the latest news and rumours which makes it even more sticky as a service.

The latest news tweeted live!

Meanwhile, back on Gravity, I also have access to my other social networks such as Facebook and Foursquare (a location-based social media tool for people with GPS enabled phones). Foursquare especially shows promise for business owners though local establishments have not yet caught onto this largely US phenomenon (there for example, Foursquare mayors and users get special offers or discounts from cafes or retail outlets).  Our Southern neighbours (Singapore, not Indonesia :P) have already started using it as a powerful marketing tool:

Foursquare users in Singapore enjoy discounts at participating outlets

Excited now that you know you can do so much with  Twitter and Foursquare on Gravity??  Get a copy of Gravity and if you want to follow me, just add me here. If you’re nice, I might just follow you back 🙂




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