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Ailurophobia – or why I Dislike Cats

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I pwned this car!

I’ve never liked cats. Never liked their sense of superiority, their aloofness and the fact that they only come looking for you when they need something.

It doesn’t help that there are abundant stray cats near my area that like to poo in my garden and I suspect, help themselves to the fish in my little pond.

I get especially cheesed off when I read of horror stories of how the local authorities go to such extreme and cruel ends to catch stray dogs but do absolutely nothing about the cats which are as much a nuisance, if not worse.

Meanwhile, I’ve received some great tips to keep said nuisance felines from defecating in my garden:

  • Fill 1 litre plastic bottles (Coke or otherwise) and leave them in the garden. Apparently they’ll be afraid of their own reflection.
  • Douse the area with lime – they don’t like the smell
  • Rear a dog! A medium sized one lah at least – not the toy types that they’ll eat for breakfast.

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I'm a father of 2 boys, working in a tech company in Malaysia with access to some of the best multimedia gadgets and services.

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  1. the reasons you give for disliking cats are hilarious. but it’s those traits you dislike so much that actually endear cat-lovers to their purring pets! albeit phrased a little differently, I reckon.


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