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Boys Brigade – Sure and Steadfast

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Nic in his full BB mufti

Both Liz and I decided very early on that we would enroll our sons for the Boys Brigade. Our church already has a chapter and we had heard plenty of positive testimonies from other parents of the benefits of the program.

Nic was initially attracted by the uniform but as he started attending the program, it dawned on him that there was a lot of discipline and drilling involved and he started to resist going. 3 months later, he’s getting a bit better but will still throw the occasional “I don’t like boys brigade” curve ball to try and wheedle his way out of the Saturday program.

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Resurrection Perspective

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Celebrating Life!

My wife Liz was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer last July. She has never smoked and has always maintained a more active lifestyle than me. As you can imagine, the news came as a big shock and plunged me into a period of sadness, especially as our two boys are still so young.

It took some time and prayer but I’ve overcome that (more in a future blogpost) and we’ve both embarked on a tremendous journey of faith with no turning back.

As Christians, we’ve accepted that God is sovereign through all this, and He’s been doing some great things in her life, including keeping the disease at bay and healing her from pain.  You can read more about this and how we sought God for direction in seeking treatment etc at her blog.

One of the most amazing things we have experienced is the outpouring of love and support from friends, families and colleagues. Words cannot describe the kindness and blessings they’ve poured out on us throughout this trial. At times when I was feeling really down, the simple comfort of friends saying they were praying for us was good enough to lift my spirits.

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