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KL’s Colombian Connection…

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Spot the difference!

What comes to mind when you think of Colombia? Besides Ms Universe I mean! Cocaine I’m sure would rank among the top 5 things associated with this Latin American country.

It’s unfortunate then that whoever’s in charge, decided to adopt Colombian colours for the new Federal Territories (Wilayah Persekutuan) flag. So now everytime I think of my beloved city, I think drug cartel.

No silver Li-ning for Malaysia

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PRC Boleh, PRC Boleh!

The Chinese sports shoe brand Li-Ning was recently launched in the local market ostensibly to coincide with the ongoing Thomas & Uber Cup badminton championships.

So, as a foreign brand anxious to gain some share in a competitive Malaysian market, what would you do?

If you’re Li-Ning, you promptly take ads out in local dailies wishing the Chinese, yes you read it correctly, Chinese (we’re talking People’s Republic of & not the MCA variety) , badminton team all the best in the tournament.

A stupid branding bungle which they will probably regret for the rest of their stay here.

At the time of blogging, Malaysia has already lost to the Japanese (first time ever in any Thomas Cup by the way) and believe you me, every little slight will surely be remembered by sore badminton fans.

Best stick with Yonex lah.

3 Banks with an Identity Crisis

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Gadget Emporium or Bank?

If you’ve read the Star recently and seen this ad, you would have been forgiven for thinking that Ambank is an electronic gadget retailer. The focus of these ads are the devices. Only when you start reading the copy do you realize that it’s a reward for the delinquent among us who need to transfer their balance credit card debts.

To me as a marketer, this is dilution of brand value.  In one fell swoop, the Ambank brand and what it stands for (not that I know what it stands for anyway!) becomes submerged under these other consumer brands. Basically the bank is telling people, look I need these gadgets to attract you to my custom since I can’t really offer much else in the form of differentiation.

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Imitation is this magazine’s form of flattery

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I did a double take the other day when I saw this rag trying to masquerade my all time favourite publication, The Edge. It was copy, copy, copy all the way down to the Edge’s pull out “Options”

Imitation is a widely practiced business strategy, no question about that. But I wonder if the owners of Malaysia SME realize they are doing nothing for their own brand with this blasé rip off job.  All it does is reinforce in readers’ minds that The Edge is at a standard which Malaysia SME can only aspire to.

Ailurophobia – or why I Dislike Cats

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I pwned this car!

I’ve never liked cats. Never liked their sense of superiority, their aloofness and the fact that they only come looking for you when they need something.

It doesn’t help that there are abundant stray cats near my area that like to poo in my garden and I suspect, help themselves to the fish in my little pond.

I get especially cheesed off when I read of horror stories of how the local authorities go to such extreme and cruel ends to catch stray dogs but do absolutely nothing about the cats which are as much a nuisance, if not worse.

Meanwhile, I’ve received some great tips to keep said nuisance felines from defecating in my garden:

  • Fill 1 litre plastic bottles (Coke or otherwise) and leave them in the garden. Apparently they’ll be afraid of their own reflection.
  • Douse the area with lime – they don’t like the smell
  • Rear a dog! A medium sized one lah at least – not the toy types that they’ll eat for breakfast.