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My 1st iPhone blog entry!

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After a long hiatus AND a job change, I hope I can get back to regular blogging. And how cool is it to be able to post directly from the iPhone! I can foresee more instant blogs with this baby.

Just to update that I’ve left Nokia after 4 great years there. The opportunity to join in Apple’s fantastic new wave of mobile magic proved too hard to resist. I dare say many would jump at the chance too! So here I am embarking on another great journey, trusting God for His guidance & wisdom.

Can’t wait for the iPhone 4!

The Effects of Gravity

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Why do I tweet so much? Simply because this bright spark @janole ( founder Jan Ole Suhr) created a brilliant little program for Nokia Symbian devices, named it Gravity and made it such a breeze to use on mobile phones. I was so impressed with it, I actually forked out money to buy the app (about US$8 from the Ovi Store)!

Not just Twitter, but Facebook, Foursquare & Google News Reader!

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